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Sometimes, in the face of unimaginable trauma, we find the strength to transform our lives. The story I am about to share begins with my experience as a first-time dad, a moment that quickly turned from incredible to traumatic. But little did I know, this heartbreaking event would become the catalyst for a profound metamorphosis.

The story starts with my experience as a first-time dad. The most incredible moment of my life quickly turned into the most traumatic one.

Overflowing with love, joy, and excitement, I witnessed the birth of my beautiful daughter on February 1st, 2020. Two days later, we left the hospital as a family of three, ready to embark on a new and exciting journey together.

But on February 8th, when I returned home from work, my apartment was empty. The same apartment I shared with my soon-to-be fiancé and our newborn daughter. They were both gone. My daughter's nursery was stripped bare, with all of her mother's belongings gone. Confusion, heartbreak, and speechlessness consumed me. I wanted answers, but they never came. I felt the deepest level of betrayal.

While I was away at work, my girlfriend, with the help of her relatives, packed up her things, emptied the nursery, and moved out. My daughter was only 8 days old. I had always dreamed of starting a family of my own, and when this happened, it felt like fatherhood had been stolen from me. I had no clue any of this was coming. I was completely blindsided, shattered, and filled with anger.

As time went on, things didn't get better. I still had no answers and spent the entire pandemic alone, in agony. Something had to change. I couldn't help but feel inadequate. I couldn't understand why someone would do something like this - why break up our home, why break up a family we had just started without even discussing it? Seeing pregnant women made me nauseous. That feeling persisted for months, yes, months. I felt utterly alone and abandoned.

The experience was traumatizing, but it ultimately transformed my life for the better. What happened left a giant chip on my shoulder and fueled my desire to become the best version of myself.

I knew I had to improve physically, mentally, and emotionally, so I sought refuge in the gym. I changed my number, deactivated all my social media accounts, and locked myself in the gym six days a week for a whole year. That year-long hiatus in the gym was truly life-changing. The more I trained, the better my results became. Day by day, repetition by repetition, my confidence grew exponentially, along with my mental and emotional well-being. I became addicted to the gym, with visible results to show for it.

Physically, I was in the best shape of my life. Mentally, my sharpness soared. Emotionally, I had grown so much that what happened the year before no longer haunted me. I felt different - I had completely reinvented myself, and people responded to me differently. I knew I had earned the respect of others as I walked into the gym, my physique speaking volumes. The self-respect I had gained from enduring and bouncing back from something so traumatic was immeasurable.

My confidence reached new heights. I knew I had put in the work, firing on all cylinders - physically, emotionally, and mentally. This new version of myself was a massive "Flexx," and I refused to return to the old me. Spring, summer, winter, fall - I wanted to flex the new me. That's when it hit me - "Flexx Season" was born. From that point on, it was "Always Season."

Anthony Lee

Founder and CEO of Flexx Season

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A quick behind the scenes look on the set of the final "Revenge Collection" photoshoot/Commercial Ad

Filmed July 20, 2022

Organizing inventory in our soon to be storage room. Our last shipment of our first collection had just arrived, we were so excited

July 15, 2022

Co Founder Steffan Brown pictured in front of our 4x4 banner located outside xtreme fitness in Mount Vernon NY and Co Founders Rickie and Steffan pictured a day before our actual launch, preparing inventory for our launch/Pop-Up event the next day

July 8, 2022

July 29th, 2022